Thursday, 13 October 2016

Rachel's Remarkable Rebranding

In 2017 I'll have been doing my 'talks' for ten years. 

Yes, really. 

So it's time to redecorate!! My rebranded, shiny, new and, let's face it, very PINK website launched successfully this week. It's called

I did the bulk of it myself using the web-building site, but no man is an island, so enormous thanks are due to the following talented experts for their part in it's rebirth:

  • Steve of for those excellent, crisp main images, and for coincidentally looking a lot like 007 Daniel Craig.
  • Tim Wheeler of for sensible i.t. advice on mysterious things like Meta Tags and Google Analytics.
  • Matt at for his logical thinking, and also his helpful remarks like 'it's a bit pink, isn't it?'
  • Lucy at for her words of wisdom on social media, marketing & PR (and her necessary extreme pernickety-ness while proof-reading).
In noble retirement: the QueenieLives website
 Sincere thanks are also 
 due to Cassie at
 who got me up and 
 running on the web 
 many years ago with the
 original Queenielives

Cassie passed me on to Tim for advice when she moved her services away from website design.This coincided with my ten-year anniversary, so it seemed to be the perfect time to freshen up my online image.

Please do pop over to the new website
and have a poke around! It's been updated with details on all six of my 'talks'*, my live interpretation and heritage education offer, and all the right contact details, recent photos, reviews and pricing.

For informal updates and behind the scenes gossip you can also follow me on my newly refreshed Facebook and Twitter pages- the links are all on the new website.

*They're really not just talks, you know. It's not your average WI slide-show on 'My Begonias 1985-1997'. It's really good stuff, properly researched and entertainingly presented.