Monday, 20 June 2016

"The Multi Award Winning Rachel Duffield" would like to thank ...

I'm really, really chuffed to have recently won an Outstanding Contribution Award (OSCA) for the category 'Excellence in Education'. I think I get an actual trophy this time. 

It's awarded by Norfolk County Council, chosen from nominations by unnamed peers, so to be recognised for excellence by my employers and colleagues is truly fabulous, and I am extremely grateful.

However, I was only doing my job (albeit brilliantly, obviously), and my job represents only the tip of an amazing iceberg. 

At Norfolk Museums I'm fortunate to be in a role which suits my skill set admirably. I like talking: I get to talk to people, loads of them, all different types, all the time. I love thinking through what my little corner of the heritage industry really needs, how it fits in with wider corporate goals, then inventing weird and wonderful ways to get others interested too. I love creating new projects and bringing people together to join in with them, I like presenting, being the public face of things, and of course, I do enjoy a certain amount of dressing up and showing off. 

I get to do all these things in my job, and somehow, people like seeing me do it, and for whatever reason, people do join in, and it's all lovely.

And then I get awards for it- but what about the rest of the 'amazing iceberg'?

For the last eight years I've worked in a small team of extremely talented, clever, conscientious, funny and kind people, from whom I have learnt to be more tolerant, more organised, more thoughtful and more hardworking. They have expanded my thinking, increased my knowledge and, when needed, shored up my confidence. The impact of their direct support cannot be underestimated. 

Our small team is part of the county learning department (also multi-award-winning) which is in turn underpinned by the wider museums service. Norfolk Museums regularly undertakes highly innovative and worthwhile work in conservation, collections, exhibitions, community and training initiatives and is recognised as a national leader in museum education.

It is only within this landscape of skill, experience and positive encouragement that I am able to do what I do, and I'm unspeakably, bowel-shatteringly lucky to have been given the opportunity. 

P.S: The trophy is still mine.

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