Monday, 7 December 2015

Gettin' Wiggy With It

Waving goodbye to another year always prompts a bit of a look back. I know it's early to do that but I've got a busy December coming up.I consider myself a lucky lady because I have two jobs I genuinely love.

This year I was delighted to progress to a new role at Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse, and working for Norfolk Museums remains a complete joy (if anyone doubts that, they've obviously never tried a 'normal' job). But this blog is about my other identity; dressing up and showing off.

As far as my freelancing goes it's always interesting to chart the peaks and troughs in popularity of my various characters.

As 2015 draws to a close Marie Lloyd is still top of the pops, with Queen Elizabeth I running a close second. 

'The Seven Ages of Women' is gaining steadily in followers -now people know what it is (explanation here)- and Queen Victoria is very much in repose. 

The surprise 'new entry' this year was Edith Cavell. I keep trying to retire her but people keep wanting to book her, so I've decided to keep her going as long as there is  demand.

In looking back, I'm also looking ahead (a 'head'...excellent pun) because 2015 has been a year dominated by wigs. Here I am without any wig at all; who will I become?!

I still haven't found a very suitable Queen Victoria wig, and of course Edith and Marie both wear hats-  but I'm on wig Mk IV for Queen Elizabeth I.

The first Elizabeth wig (pictured here when new) finally died this year after a long, matted and tangled illness, and was given a decent burial along with my original headers (just visible). 

The second one is the long wig I wore plaited for the Elizabethan Pageant in Cambridge the first time I visited, and I can't wear that again unless I have a hairdresser to do it for me. I loved that hat with the feathers, too!

Number three was a beautiful late Elizabethan style fuzzy one from the pragmatically named Wigs Up North, which I wore for my return visit to Great St Mary's, Cambridge, this year. It looks fabulously authentic because it pulls my hairline right back, but look awful! 

And number four is a relatively cheap but comfortable wig which is more Drag Queen than Tudor Queen until I add my glorious new headdress by HatsPeriod...
It's Number Four that will be accompanying me on all my bookings for the foreseeable future.

And talking of future bookings, next year's QueenieLives calendar is already pretty full, but I can usually squeeze more in if asked. I also already have a booking for 2017, so thankfully it looks as if I won't be hanging up my wigs and hats any time soon.

Contact details are on my website linked here, and for more regular updates you can also follow me on Facebook (Queenielives) and Twitter (@WhatQueenieDid).

Thanks are due to all the people who keep booking me; it is enormously appreciated. For me, an appointment with 'Dr Footlights' cures nearly all ills!

All my personas join together in wishing you a 
Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. 
Now I think its time to...