Friday, 6 June 2014

A Very Busy, Busy, Busy Bee

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?

I've been so busy doing this project:
Living the Workhouse Diet... 

...that I have had no time for reporting or reflecting upon my activities as Queenie, or all the other stuff.

But all that will surely change from this moment.

A quick update. Since 'Down Among The Wines & Spirits' I've been a murderess in the Museums At Night event at Gressenhall. Every year I co-write this with the Learning Manager, Jan, and it has become a staple part of the Gressenhall Museum year. This year it was set in 1914- hence the enormous hat!

I've also continued Queenie-ing as Elizabeth 1, Victoria and Marie, and singing with my long-standing group, The Upper Octave, a lovely excuse to wear fabulous sparkly clothes rather than dressing as a Victorian workhouse inmate.

Speaking of which, I spent a fun day as Jacket Woman Martha Middleton for the Workhouse Experience Day on May 26th at Gressenhall, working alongside re-enactors from Black Knight historical, and of course, my usual co-conspirator and live interpreter actor colleagues Jim Carpmael...

...and Neil Scarlett...

 with me looking more glamorous than ever...

 I'm also full steam ahead with The Pop Up Proms Project as it moves into its final months. This is the year-long, voluntary singing project I've created to entertain in care homes for the elderly. It continues to be a total joy to do it, and feedback from our audiences and their carers has been extremely positive.

My new talk for WIs and groups is completed. A new take on Will Shakespeare's famous lines, it's called 'The Seven Ages of Women' and is a celebration of what it means to be female, expressed in songs, poems, and anecdotes. For further details visit my website here.

And finally, I have a new talk just in the pipeline for 2015 to commemorate the centenary of the death of Edith Cavell. 

Martyn's well, George is well. Very busy, very happy. Long may it continue!

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