Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Gove made me do it...

Just a quick pic of this week's sewing: a 1950s semicircle skirt for 'Homes Long Ago' schools event at Gressenhall. This is an existing KS1 Victorian event, which will also be available as a 1950s event with effect from Sept 2014. We've had to develop a new version to make it fall 'within living memory' as decreed by Mr Gove.

I had a genuine 1950s net petticoat which was all but rotten. I was able to save the important layers of net but the yoke at the top had to be replaced. I used simple lining fabric for that job, although the original seemed to be some sort of plasticised material. The shreds of the original which I had to leave in place to keep the netting intact were unstitchable - just moving the garment around caused  more tears to appear. So I taped them up with good old duct tape, wide, lightweight and flexible. People need never know...
I then used the dimensions of the petticoat to make a pattern for the skirt itself. The skirt needed to show an obvious fifties shape whilst still being practical for whatever schools activities are required. This meant it could not be huge! It will also need to be washable, so a vintage fabric was out of the question. After a bit of research on fabric styles I was able to track down a modern fabric with the right sort of look. Unfortunately the right look did not deliver the right weight, so I lined it with simple cotton poplin, enabling it to fall in nice folds over the petticoat.
A hook and eye fastener and a little ribbon decoration finishes it off beautifully.

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