Monday, 6 January 2014

First Footing, Forward Looking

Back to work at Norfolk Museums Service tomorrow and this will be my eighth new year as a Live Interpreter. This year will bring lots of changes; the new history curriculum will demand that we align  our schools' offer to it. We'll be adding a Neolithic event and, no, I won't be wearing anything made from leopard skin.

On the freelance side of things, I am deliciously busy, with barely any space for any more talks in 2014. Already booking for 2015, believe it or not. One of my more unusual bookings this year will be in March, when I've been invited to speak at The New Cavendish Club , Marble Arch, London- I'll be taking Queen Elizabeth 1.

The third bow in my quiver is of course my costume-making, and this year will be the year of the corset. More on that in the future. But in the meantime here's a picture of my brilliant new sewing machine: 

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