Monday, 27 January 2014

Corsets are GO

I'm not researching a new talk this year (plenty to keep me occupied with Elizabeth, Victoria and Marie) so this year's big sewing project is to make glamorous outerwear corsets for the ladies of my singing group, The Upper Octave. All four corsets need to be made-to-measure and ready to wear by 5th December this year, which is our Christmas concert at Holkham Hall.

Here's a picture of stage one in my corset making odyssey: in addition to measuring the ladies, I have used the popular re-enactors' trick of making a body cast from duct tape over an old t-shirt. I can chop these flexible 'casts' up to assist in making up the patterns for the corsets.

This picture shows my fellow chanteuse Annette being mummified in duct tape and then drawn upon with permanent marker.

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