Monday, 9 September 2013

Rule Britannia!

I have to admit to being preoccupied with my new love: The Pop-Up Proms Project (see my other blog of the same name, But I should never forget my first love, which is the research and creation of my costumed talks.

In a bid to redress (pun intended) the balance, here follows an update on my latest character, Miss Marie Lloyd, Queen of the Music Halls.

This character was launched into the calm and welcoming waters of Taverham Daycare Centre. I'm delighted to say she was well received. The Ladies pounced upon my 'Edwardian originals' and the Gentlemen definitely seemed to enjoy the view...  hitting just the right note to suit Marie's 'saucy' reputation, I thought!

Best of all were the songs. I sang seven of Marie's hits and judging by the audience reaction, the favourite was 'When I Take My Morning Promenade'. They all seemed to really enjoy participating in  the choruses of  'My Old Man Said Follow The Van', 'The Boy I Love' and 'A Little Of What You Fancy'.

...which brings me neatly back to The Pop-Up Proms Project. I've got a group of singers and performers together who, for absolutely FREE, are prepared to go with me to visit residential homes and daycare centres for the elderly, to put on a Variety Performance of really well-known songs from the last hundred years.

Our finale will be, of course, favourites from the Last Night of the Proms: Land of Hope and Glory, Jerusalem and Rule Britannia.

The whole point is to get our audiences to join in with the songs- the benefits for their well being really need know explaining- and also to tell us about any memories or associations the songs evoke for them.

I've got the Norfolk Records Office involved too; their sound archive will hold recordings we will make of the reminiscencing conversations, with a view to studying variations in the Norfolk Dialect.

Of course I am still continuing to work for NMAS and freelance as Queen Elizabeth 1, Queen Victoria and Marie Lloyd.

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Ooh, that was a long one! (Are we back to Marie Lloyd's sense of humour again?!)

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