Friday, 16 August 2013

Getting a Grip on Hairy Hedgehogs

Oh crikey. After moderate success in styling a long dark wig a la 1900s for Marie Lloyd performances, I have concluded that it won't work!

Edwardian ladies used to save hair from their own hairbrushes to make 'hedgehogs', or rolled pads. They used these to invisibly puff out their fashionably enormous hairstyles. This method gave the ladies a perfect colour-match, of course!

I, on the other hand, not being in the normal habit of saving my own dead hair, had to use pink and white foam rollers and about a million hair grips. These were all visible, and, worse, most unstable!

So there's no chance of Marie's hair remaining in place throughout Part One (the dressing bit) of my talk, in order to perform in the wig for Part Two (the singing bit).

So here's a one-time-only glimpse of me in my Marie Lloyd wig. Once seen, forever forgotten, with any luck!

And as good fortune would have it, my own hair is pretty thick and the hat will cover most of it anyway, so I don't think it's the end of the world. As Marie sang in 'Oh, Mr Porter': "Keep your hair on, Mary Ann, and mind that you don't bust!"