Saturday, 15 December 2012

Loving 'em at Lavenham

                                the place to go to see pictures of the gorgeous Lavenham Guildhall, where I performed as Queen Elizabeth I for the Lavenham Society's Christmas get-together last week in Suffolk.

The building is a most picturesque Tudor hall situated in an equally picturesque Tudor market place, which also happened to feature in the Harry Potter films recently. When I arrived, it was after an hour and a half's drive through freezing fog and a long, cold day doing Victorian Christmas at Gressenhall. But I was instantly cheered by the sight of the Guildhall, which looked like an eccentric iced cake in the frosty square, sugar-tipped by white Christmas lights. Absolutely beautiful.

I was further warmed by the welcome I received from Lavenham Society members. This ancient building was cosy and well heated, so I did not have to endure the near-freezing village-hall toilet conditions I've come to expect as I got changed to give my talk. Who would have thought that a timber-framed building built in the 1530s would be so much warmer than a brick one built in the 1950s!!

After my talk- which, gratifyingly, the audience seemed to thoroughly enjoy- I was treated to delicious nibbles and a glass of wine. What a lovely evening, and a splendid way to round off the year.

My final talk for 2012 will be Queen Elizabeth I again, at Abbey Hall in Wymondham.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!

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