Monday, 16 July 2012

Odour Toilette?

A quick insight into how I spend my time. Lurking in the toilets of village halls, church halls and social clubs wearing Victorian (in this case) or Tudor underwear, listening to the WI singing 'Jerusalem' as I wait for my cue to go in and speak. 

The decor captured in this photo is fairly standard of most village hall toilets- what I can't encapsulate here, though, is the pine-fresh but cloying smell of lavatory cleaner, mixed with the certain damp foistiness that only a 1950's public building can conjure. 

On Facebook, I run a page called 'Duffield's Good Tearoom Guide'. People are welcome to add reviews of any tearooms or cafes they visit, with one proviso: be nice. I'm thinking that maybe a 'Duffield's Good Toilet Guide' may be in the pipeline...?*

*all puns very much intended

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