Monday, 26 March 2012

And did those feet? Hardley at all...

'Queenie' has been a bit overworked recently! In the approach to the final assignment of my degree in history and sociology, if I'm honest it's been a little bit tricky summoning up the energy to drive all around Norfolk delivering Queenie talks. But, us Royals are nothing if not dutiful, and if my namesake Elizabeth II can do it for sixty years then I'm sure I'll be able to cope too. Although of course the current HM doesn't have to do her own driving...

Last week I drove to 'Langley with Hardley' WI to deliver a Queen Victoria talk and was delighted to find out that many of the ladies there are also enormous fans of my singing group, The Upper Octave. We're singing at South Walsham Church on Saturday and many of them are coming! Langley with Hardley is tiny, but it has a flourishing WI. I thought it noteworthy that they refuse to sing 'Jerusalem'- the first WI I've ever visited who don't carry out that particular tradition. The times they are a-changin'.

Having spent Friday at Gressenhall doing Victorian spring cleaning with Year Ones, I also delivered five 40-minute Queen Elizabeth sessions on the bounce in the evening. This was for yet another Brownie Guide sleepover at Dragon Hall last week. Starting at 8pm, the girls were terribly overexcited, and this reached fever pitch in the third session at about 9.30. By contrast, the final two sessions contained hollow-eyed and ashen Brownies who were barely able to keep upright, but didn't go to bed until the small hours. Luckily, the success of a sleepover isn't measured in the amount of sleep involved!

Well done to Sarah and everyone else involved in the running and organisation of the event.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Social mobility can be a thing of the past.

No pictures this time, but the Dragon Hall 'sleepover' went well at half term- it was great to see old friends from the Norwich castle working there too.

I also became Queen Victoria for Taverham WI this week, and Queen Elizabeth for the Parkinson's Society. Last Monday I had a super time at Drayton Junior School being Queenie several times over for the Year Fives. My time with them inspired some beautiful work on the Tudors which should soon be available to view on my website .

This week I will just be a Victorian washerwoman, as one of my many Gressenhall (day job) roles! How the mighty have fallen...

Queenie - Live (though not necessarily kicking!)

My friend Cassie kindly came to one of my talks and filmed me becoming Queenie!! Its all available on You Tube. The link above is the last in the series. Do have a look.