Sunday, 1 January 2012

Regal Greetings

Happy New Year!

I've just spent some time transferring diary dates on to the new 2012 calendar and I'm delighted to note just how many bookings I have for this year, both as Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria.
I've spent the Christmas holidays working on lots of QueeniePegs kits (see in order to sell them at each of my presentation venues. Selling the kits off the back of the talks has always been the idea, but last year it proved to be one piece of organisation too far! But this year has begun well prepared.

The QueeniePegs are tiny peg doll versions of Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. I imagine them as Oliver Postgate-style characters- like the mice from Bagpuss- I'm convinced they come alive at night and have tiny power struggles and say 'Off with your head' and 'We are not amused' in tiny shrill voices !

The kits contain all you need to make your own QueeniePeg, wearing a costume similar to mine (only significantly smaller). All the materials in the kits are bits and bobs from the scrap box: old jewellery, silk scraps, ribbons, leftover beads, sequins and off-cuts from my own costumes. The packaging is made from sustainably sourced materials. Recycling doesn't come much sparklier than this!

I'll be offering the kits at a special 'presentation price' of £5.50, which is another good reason to come and see me in action, if you haven't already.

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