Monday, 12 December 2011

Let's All Go To the Music Hall!

 Two quick pics of the cast of the Music Hall we performed at Weston Longville's tiny village hall to raise funds for the new hall soon to be replacing it. The show was very well received, with ladies from the village providing delicious hot cornish pasties in the interval. The set was dressed by another local lady, Stephanie McMillan, who just happens to be a set designer from the Harry Potter films (Oscar-nominated for three of them). Stephanie also won an Oscar for her set designs in The English Patient a few years ago, so we were in very good company!

Top photo, clockwise starting top left: The Entire Indefatiguable Orchestra aka The Rev. Selwyn Tillett, Mr Martyn Shults, Miss Abilgail Dennington-Price, Mr John Griffin. Miss Gillian Tichbourne, Miss Angela Rowe (kneeling), Miss Rachel Duffield and finally your own- your very own- Miss Cassie Tillett!

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