Friday, 14 October 2011

Tha'as Brooke. As we say in Norfolk.

I visited Brooke WI last night to do Queen Elizabeth I. An unexpected delight, due to many of the ladies knowing my Grandparents, who lived and worked in that village in the 1960s. Unfortunately they both passed away a long time ago, and I don't remember Grannie at all before Alzheimer's took a thorough hold on her faculties. But these ladies knew her well in her prime, and remembered her excellent artichoke soup, fabulously light scones and her tremendous enthusiasm for Mothering Sunday (as Vicar's wife she took great pride in commanding the snowdrops to be in bloom in time for the Sunday Service- they always acquiesed!). They recalled, as I do, Grandad always on the verge of being late for everything and always arriving everywhere in a great hurry. I was able to furnish them with the reason: the family legend of Grannie, unable to leave the house without baking a batch if the oven was 'just the right temperature for scones'. A lovely evening.

After listening to me speak as Queenie, these ladies declared that I have inherited many of Grannie's mannerisms. Shame I didn't inherit the cooking ability too!

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