Saturday, 1 October 2011

Crouching Bumroll, Hidden Queenie

Busy times. Lots of Queenie-ing, both eras, many venues- all great stuff. And in between times I have been doing many Upper Octave shows as myself, and working at Gressenhall as a Victorian washerwoman and a 1940s housewife. I need a Tardis!!

'Queen Victoria' went to the teeniest village hall in the world at Roughton and chatted to the WI there, then she also spoke for the Friends of Ancient House, Thetford, most ably assisted, in the latter, by Karen White.

My most recent visit was to Worlingham Primary in Suffolk, a visit immediately preceded by my unexpected arrival at (and swift, guffawing departure from,) Worlingham Pharmacy - should've gone to Specsavers??!!

Having exchanged excellent preparatory emails with Worlingham's year 5 teacher Matthew Brown, I spoke to two classes as Queen Elizabeth I, as a kick-off to their history topic this term. As I'm usually the end-of-term event, this was a new angle for all of us, but the costume had great impact and the children were full of brilliant questions.

Royalty has had to resort to strange behaviour to avoid detection in the past. Think of King Charles up the oak tree, or the 'Bonnie Prince' diguised as a woman. Therefore I didn't mind at all when I had to squat in the kitchen as the children filed past for Assembly, so as not to spoil the surprise. Not sure what Bess herself may have thought of it though!

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