Monday, 1 August 2011

One Does Like To Be Beside The Seaside

I spent a happy two days in Great Yarmouth this week; firstly, as Queenie at Elizabethan House on the South Key, and then as a Roman Lady at the Time & Tide Museum

Elizabethan House is owned by the National Trust and managed by NMAS. The volunteers there were exceptionally welcoming and friendly, which got the day off to a flying start.

The building has rooms in a variety of settings and eras. After a quick publicity jaunt around Yarmouth in full costume, I spent all day in the Tudor Bedroom, dressing and undressing several times for the benefit of the nation. My final talk of the day happened to be to a group of National Trust people from Lavenham, with a senior Norfolk museums manager in tow. They were most appreciative, which is always a relief!!

No photos yet available from Elizabethan House, but I have attached some from my Roman day at Time & Tide. The excellent Steve Stigwood was outside being a Legionary all day, but the chap with me in the picture isn't him... A rather different look for Queenie!!

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