Thursday, 18 August 2011

From Diamonte to Deerstalker

Dragon Hall is a medieval merchant hall in one of Norwich's oldest thoroughfares, King Street. Yesterday, I took Queenie there to speak to about twenty or so very enthusiastic young listeners and their well behaved accompanying adults. One young lady was even dressed in her own Tudor clothes. After my talk, we made bejewelled paper ruffs, and masks of  Elizabeth I and Henry VIII. It was a relaxed and enjoyable afternoon's work.

As it was a Yoof-full clientele, I directed a lot of my customers towards both my website,, and to my Queenielives Facebook page. I also drummed up a bit of interest in my QueeniePegs, which have been lamentably neglected recently...but watch this space.

Queen Victoria is nearly finished, thanks to my own efforts and those of my mum, which are much appreciated, particularly the insertion of the sleeves. "Mrs Brown's" first royal walkabout will be on September 3rd, for the Norfolk Lacemakers.

Following on from my day at Christchurch Mansion as Beatrix Potter I've also been approached to talk as that particular eccentric lady! So, anyone know where I can buy a ladies deerstalker?!!

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