Monday, 27 June 2011

And did those feet...

Last Thursday I visited another WI, this time at Pulham St Mary, which is nice and local to me. We (the Royal 'We') had a select but enthusiastic band of subjects.
It occurred to me whilst struggling into my highly elasticated invisible underwear prior to my talk - as usual to the strains of 'Jerusalem'- that in all the many WIs I have visited, each one of them has had an available pianist to accompany the singing of their famous theme tune; yet when one needs a rehearsal pianist for our concert group The Upper Octave, there is scarcely one to be found in the whole of Norfolk.
It's strangely atmospheric to listen to Jerusalem as I slap on my clown make up and don my ginger wig. Rather a different sort of 'countenance divine' I suppose.

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