Monday, 27 June 2011

The Tale of The Lovely Day

Beautiful weather greeted me at Christchurch Mansion yesterday. In this, my second vist, Queenie was reincarnated as children's author and watercolour artist, Beatrix Potter.
I had a wonderful time reading aloud HBP's beautifully illustrated stories to groups of , thankfully, beautifully behaved children. In between storytelling sessions, I broke out the watercolours for the first time in years and did a few sketches of Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck (these proved to be the most popular stories of the day).
Having spent lots of time copying HBP's painting style - mainly unsuccessfully - as a teenager (I was a real rock 'n' roll raver, as you can tell) it was a treat to live the dream as the lady herself, sitting under a tree in a sunlit park, dabbling in watercolours and sipping iced water. Here are my efforts ...

An Edwardian Idyll! Then Martyn stumbled and sprained his ankle, and I spilt paintwater all over my work. Ho hum.

Stately as a Galleon: Queenie launches Armada Costume

Some pictures of my visit to The Norman Primary today. A first outing for the finally completed 1588 Armada costume- and of course, the 1574 came too!

And did those feet...

Last Thursday I visited another WI, this time at Pulham St Mary, which is nice and local to me. We (the Royal 'We') had a select but enthusiastic band of subjects.
It occurred to me whilst struggling into my highly elasticated invisible underwear prior to my talk - as usual to the strains of 'Jerusalem'- that in all the many WIs I have visited, each one of them has had an available pianist to accompany the singing of their famous theme tune; yet when one needs a rehearsal pianist for our concert group The Upper Octave, there is scarcely one to be found in the whole of Norfolk.
It's strangely atmospheric to listen to Jerusalem as I slap on my clown make up and don my ginger wig. Rather a different sort of 'countenance divine' I suppose.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Petticoat Government

These pics show me doing my stuff (in reverse) at Dragon Hall a while ago, starting off in my shift and adding all the bits and pieces to become Queen Elizabeth I.