Saturday, 14 May 2011

Variety Theatre

Queenie has had a very busy week.

On Sunday I completed my latest essay on qualitative v quantitative sociological research methods.

On Monday night I visited Drayton VH to speak to yet another WI of lovely ladies. A few familiar faces were there; mothers of people I went to school with, mainly! There, I was called upon to judge not one but two competitions. 1) Pegdolls, 2) Flower Of The Month.

I felt qualified to judge the pegdolls, after all, is all but up and running thanks to the fabulous work and indeed, patience, of my friend Cassie. But who am I to judge one flower against another?! A pansy, versus a rose, versus an iris?* Luckily this was all after I had done my Talk, so I was able to judge and run.

From an evening of being 16th century royalty on Monday, Tuesday at Gressenhall began two days of being a very 21st century environmentalist, followed by Thursday morning as a 19th century unmarried mother with bad attitude- and a quick burst of jovial Farmer's Wife in the afternoon.

But the pinnacle of my work this week was Gressenhall's contribution to Museums At Night in which I played a Workhouse Madwoman as part of a Victorian Whodunnit.

What a week! But I'd never go back to I working in an office!

*In the end I chose the iris, because it was blue, and that very day I had been disappointed by the irises in my own garden coming out yellow. I'm not particularly against yellow irises, but in my defence, I know nothing of the finer points of flowers, so my rationale had to be rather arbitrary.

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