Friday, 27 May 2011

Lark Rise* to Cringleford

Cringleford WI hosted their group meeting this Monday and extended a very warm welcome not only to their co-WIs, but also to their speaker, a strange woman who dresses up as Queen Elizabeth I- oh, that's me.

I had a lovely chat with lots of the ladies afterwards, including a lady who voluntees at Oxburgh Hall. She corroborated one of my Oxburgh anecdotes- Phew! Always worried that someone will correct me on some dreadful factual error I've inadvertantly made. My facts always start out right, but sometimes memory or the heat of the moment fails me and there is a possibility I may talk gibberish.

Anyway. Cringleford. Home of possibly the most delicious cherry-topped biscuits I have tasted.

*Lark Rise is genuinely a road in Mulbarton, where I live. And I travelled to Cringleford. It's a TV programme...oh, never mind.

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