Saturday, 16 April 2011

Nessun Dorma* at Dragon Hall

These pictures show the second Cub Scout Sleepover at Dragon Hall, Norwich, , held last night. Organised by the small and energetic Sarah Power (left), it featured Dave the Yarnsmith of Norwich, Tim Wilson the Medieval Armourer ( , Liam the Storyteller and of course, me -behind the camera for once.

The Cubs and Scouts took part in activities to do with knights, dragons and swords, were fed hot dogs (toasted by dragons, presumably) and given hot chocolate before they settled down to sleep. Sleep- who am I kidding? 75 Cubs and Scouts together overnight in a spooky hall? Sleep? Not a chance.

My part in all this was not, for once, to be Queen. I ran 5 forty minute drama sessions from 8 till 11.15 pm. Although the children were getting progressively more tired and less able to concentrate, we had enormous fun the in the beautiful (but fffreeeezing) glass gallery.

I used Patrice Baldwin's Drama For Creative Learning techniques (see, which allow the children to find their own story. And they found some brilliant ones! From the traditional maiden-on-a-hillside solution, to trapping the dragon in a crystal cage or having it vapourised by aliens, the children were determined to conquer that nasty dragon. And every session was totally different.

I was able to escape just after 11.15. I have yet to discover the fate of adults doomed to stay all night...

*translation: None Shall Sleep.


  1. I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog Rachel. It was a busy but great night wasn't it. A few more like that and I could work off the belly captured so well in your photo!

  2. Please do comment! You're the first of many hopefully!