Friday, 18 February 2011

On England's dark satanic carparks...

This Wednesday night, Queenie visited Old Catton WI where she was very warmly received. She was given a lovely cup of tea too.

Once I had shed the Queenie skin I attempted to leave the ladies in full flow of their meeting. As I was parked at the back end of a long thin carpark, my exit included a 96 million point turn followed by a narrow reverse manouvre between lots of shiny cars down the full length of the parking area.

Incredibly, although my brain was running out of my ears and my palms were sweaty and every instinct in my body was screaming at me to RUN, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE - I neither crashed nor cried.

More Queenying is booked in for Tuesday afternoon at Hempnall WI. Lets hope the parking is slightly less stressful.

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