Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Handbags and Gladrags

Thankfully, the parking at Hempnall WAS less stressful. The Old Catton representatives had apparently been very impressed by my driving ability when I reversed out of their carpark on Wednesday- oh! The irony! Such undeserving praise, about the woman who cries at big junctions and needs a satnav to find her way out of the house.

The talk was well received, in spite of the Old Catton members having already seen it earlier in the week. This time it was a county-wide meeting, so before my talk we got fed a lovely meal of baked potatoes (Queenie's first!) with all the trimmings, followed by apple crumble and custard.

Hempnall village hall was warm and cosy. I did think I may have spotted a few drooping eyelids in my audience (!)- but I'll put that down to full tummies, room temperature and comfy seating...
In any case, lots of people asked questions about Queen Liz- including one about whether she preferred men or women (yes, in that way)*- and took my card for future bookings. They all also showed a lot of interest in my up and coming Queen Victoria talks. The organisers even plugged my Upper Octave concert in aid of the WI at Swaffham church on 2nd April!

Then it was back home to scrape off the fake tooth decay and vile white make-up. All in a day's work for a 16th Century Queenie.

* I've no idea, in case you're wondering.

Friday, 18 February 2011

On England's dark satanic carparks...

This Wednesday night, Queenie visited Old Catton WI where she was very warmly received. She was given a lovely cup of tea too.

Once I had shed the Queenie skin I attempted to leave the ladies in full flow of their meeting. As I was parked at the back end of a long thin carpark, my exit included a 96 million point turn followed by a narrow reverse manouvre between lots of shiny cars down the full length of the parking area.

Incredibly, although my brain was running out of my ears and my palms were sweaty and every instinct in my body was screaming at me to RUN, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE - I neither crashed nor cried.

More Queenying is booked in for Tuesday afternoon at Hempnall WI. Lets hope the parking is slightly less stressful.

Post-Dragon Drama

Ok, ok, so I didn't realise that cubs would get soooooo overexcited about the sleepover at Dragon Hall. And I didn't expect to be outside in the dark in very cold weather until midnight in the garden trying to keep some sort of semblance of order. But it was fun anyway.

Not as much fun, however, as taking Christina home afterwards. Nearly to her house, we narrrowly avoided driving over a very drunk man crawling/rolling/sleeping in the road. We hauled him out of the road. Once on to the pavement he established a touchingly deep friendship with some fencing. Christina and I left him snuggling up to it, apologising to invisible people.

Friday, 11 February 2011

80 Cub Scouts and a Tadpole

Last Monday saw Queenie appearing again at Dragon Hall, Norwich, before 85 pupils from Colman Road Primary School. They were great!

This time, I had a servant. With a Lizzie-style nickname, 'Tadpole' (because she's little and squiggly), my friend and Castle colleague Annie Perry made a wonderful lady's maid, hamming it up and getting things wrong so that I could be bossy and horrid and generally play it for laughs.

The next two weekends will find me back at Dragon Hall, not as Queenie but as me. Local Cub Scouts are having a sleepover and I'm doing Dragon-based drama sessions!! I will have my sword, shield and indeed, fire extinguisher at the ready.