Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Pea soup, but no fog

Two jolly outings for Queenie this week: one to Loddon Junior School in Friday's ice and snow, and one to the Medieval Fair at Dragon Hall in Norwich on a crystal clear wintry Saturday.

A Dragon Hall sounds like it ought to be warm- but it was freezing! And due to my complacency regarding making a French farthingale I had to wear the lightweight dress. However, it appeared that authenticity was not at a premium this time so I kept on my jeans underneath! I was further warmed by some delicious pea soup and mulled wine. This is a food and drink combo I would in any other circumstances have shunned, but with my fingers at sub zero I was grateful for anything warm.

Nothing could have been warmer, though, than the welcome I received at Loddon where I dressed and undressed several times for the benefit of the year 5 and 6 Tudors Project (I discovered that Year 6 boys are far more salacious than one might expect, but that wasn't what I meant about a warm welcome) My main point is that the staff were lovely, and us re-enactory-types were offered copious tea and conversation in the staffroom at lunchtime, which was both warm, and welcome.

But back to Dragon Hall. I was selling Queeniepegs (ElizaPegs) and hurrah hurrah, I sold out!! Brilliant. Now I have the Christmas hols to replenish supplies ready for next year. And I have had some interest in a bulk order of Pegtorias too, and they're selling well in ebay, so its all good, as they say. I really must get that website sorted out...

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