Saturday, 13 November 2010

Hingham in the Rain

I arrived at Hingham craft fair today with ample time to get ready. Being a craft fair Virgin Queen, I was reassured by the warm welcome it's organiser Sally Foreman gave me (and she took a photo of me- that's always a good start). I left my entourage* by my allocated table and went to the disabled loo to get changed. I could, and indeed possibly should, write a thesis on the dubious merits of the many disabled loos of Norfolk in their alternative role of 'Changing Room for Queen Elizabeth I'.

I had forgotten nothing. I sold some Queeniepegs. People loved my costume, listened to what I had to say and wanted to book me for Talks.

Nothing went wrong. No zany falling over, lacklustre timekeeping or quirky forgetfulness to report.

Don't tell anyone, but I believe I may actually be turning into a professional.

* Males, 51 and 7, wearing increasingly resigned and bewildered expressions respectively.

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