Wednesday, 6 October 2010

How much is that Dolly in the window?

I have just realised that over a month has elapsed since my last posting. I have been awfully busy with Lizziepegs and with being ill and with doing madly successful concerts- oh yes, and with going to work, talking Barn Owls with my son's class and, occasionally, remembering to eat.

I will be selling the historic peg doll kits at Mannington Hall History Fair, Dragon Hall's Medieval Christmas Fair, at the Hingham Christmas Fair and at assorted other venues yet to be decided. There has been much ado about how much to charge (one doesn't want to under or over-charge) so I'm going for £4 at the first venue and I'll see what happens. Most people have looked at them and said I should charge a fiver but I'm just not sure...

I have a cottage industry going, assembling all the bits. Obviously my printer will run out of ink at some inconvenient moment. I have also been comissioned for one for an American cousin of a cousin (I've gone global!) and ten for a re-enactors' fair. Said re-enactor also wants bespoke 15th Century doll kits made - I'm happy to oblige! And I must get on with the Queen Pegtorias too. If only there were more hours in a day.

I have also been reading up on how to use Twitter. I keep trying with it but I just don't get it. My book says this is entirely normal and I must persevere. So that's what I'll do.

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