Saturday, 9 October 2010

A (nearly) historic day for Peg Dolls online

Culloo cullay oh frabjous day and so on and so forth. I spent yesterday getting my new peg dolls website up and running. It's not finished yet but it's looking good. I must get some decent photos done of the dolls, because the ones I have are just not good enough. I'll put a link on here when its properly ready.

I am also expanding into Queen Victoria (that explains her weight gain in her latter years). She will be known as Queen Pegtoria and she will most definitely not be amused.

My requested order for Wars of the Roses dolls (Rosiepegs) is coming on apace too, with designs completed. My customer doesn't need them till after Christmas, so that's a project for the holidays.

Note to self: must read more books about Queen Victoria. Also: must remember I am supposed to be studying for a degree too. Busy busy busy!

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