Saturday, 28 August 2010

Watch Out

I realised today that I lost my watch at some point during my Queenying this summer. At least it wasn't my dignity, which it could so easily have been.

I have been very busy this week, scheming, plotting, planning. I have a new venture, which will be revealed shortly...

No more to say now due to the secrecy of my work...

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hold the Fireships, the Queen isn't quite dressed!

Now the thrills and spills of my Summer Hols work are over I find it is time to report on the progress of the Armada. It's looking good. Still unfinished, but definitely getting there.

Things We Will Not Talk About:
1) putting the first sleeve on back to front and having to redo it.
2) pricking my finger so hard that real blood was spilt on said sleeve.
3) mysterious lacing up issues resulting in resignation that I will have to make a French farthingale.

And in other news, I now have bookings from nine WIs for next year.

Boleyn. Ali.

Last week's Queenying comprised a calm day at Norwich's fine Dragon Hall, followed by two very hectic, but hugely enjoyable days at 'Check out the Tudors' week at Christchurch Mansion in Ipswich.

My visit to Christchurch was hosted by my former Norwich Castle friend, colleague and erstwhile babysitter Ali, who played Mrs Withipoll, wife of the original owner of the Mansion. Together with another very knowledgeable Ali who works there, we had enormous fun walking in the beautiful parkland surrounding the mansion and perplexing passers-by. Some of the passers-by thought I was the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. Humph. But I suppose that's better than Queen Victoria, which is what I usually get.

With visiting children, Ali also did some Tudor dance sessions on the beautiful chequered floor of the Great Hall. I could not join in as Queens can only move diagonally(!). Mrs Withipoll and her pupils then performed admirably for the Queen -who was, incidentally, not provided with a chair wide enough to accomodate her bumroll. That's her bumROLL! I then took questions as QE1! I had some great questions, including 'How many people have you beheaded?' 'What do you think of Robert Dudley?' and 'How do you like your potatoes cooked?'!!

My Facebook acquaintances may already be aware of the good-natured *incident* involving phallic sweets, a space blanket and a King from the year 3000. I feel I need say no more on the matter, but be assured the rebel is now resting at the Tower until further notice!

This week the Queen visited two libraries, Thetford and Attleborough, to do the Dress Queen Bess talk. I had a small enthusiastic and attentive audience at Thetford, and a large enthusiastic and attentive audience at Attleborough (including two little girls who came dressed as Anne Boleyn). Wonderful.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Busy Lizzie

Queenie has been most diverted since the last blog. Firstly, our pc has gone plunk so I haven't been able to update this blog. Secondly I've been excessively busy- in spite of (or perhaps because of)it being the school holidays, mum's taxi service has been running overtime.

But of course, I have been working. After King's Lynn I spent two days Outreaching with the excellent Fred White, combining Tudor inspired craft activities with some Queenying, first in Shouldham and then in Hunstanton.

Since my superb coverage in the local paper the phone has been ringing off the hook with Queenie work for next year; and one person even already wants to book in the new 'Queenie', Victoria. Please don't mention that the costume for Vicky isn't even begun yet!

I also owe a debt of enormous thanks to Interested Party* who organised a meeting with Hilary Davidson, curator of textiles at the Museum of London this week. I got up close and personal with lots of 450 year old embroidery AND an Elizabeth I costume created by Jean Hunnisett for Glenda Jackson in the BBC tv series. I felt like a feline let loose in a bag of catnip.

*Male, 50, very good at determining what makes a good school trip for his missus.