Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Who's Lynn is it anyway?

It was changed from Bishop's Lynn to King's Lynn by Henry VIII, who seemed to like taking things away from Bishops. But today, it was definitely Queen's Lynn- well, The Vancouver Quarter was mine, until rain put an end to my reign.

I was commissioned as part of Western Area Museums Outreach to promote the museums service in Lynn. I had to stand in the street as Queenie, giving out leaflets and vouchers and generally 'engaging' with the general public.

I am frequently unleashed on the general public, but only the ones who have chosen to come into a museum or visit a history fair. But today, on the streets of King's Lynn, the public was more general than usual. In spite of my white face, ginger wig and brown teeth, there seemed to be a 50/50 divide in opinion on my identity. Some people recognised me immediately...as Queen Victoria. Others took a wild guess and got the right answer. One person asked if I was Cinderella.

People in museums are now quite used to the idea of Living History. I forget that people not in museums are less likely to embrace the notion of a conversation about the tooth worm. But I had fun going into the dental section in Superdrug and haranguing the assistant.

The Queen's Progress will stop off at Shouldham Village Hall tomorrow. After the big feature about me in the EDP today, hopefully I'll get a full house. If I don't, heads will roll...

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