Sunday, 25 July 2010

Ladies Who Lunch, and an Undercroft Original

A couple of weeks ago I had the enormous pleasure of speaking for the Norfolk Ladies Luncheon Club at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel. I was treated not only to a very warm welcome by the hundred-strong crowd, but also to a delicious meal- as surely befits Her Highness- and great fun was had by all. Afterwards I had to dash off, Cinderella-like, as the clock was about to strike Home Time at my son's school.

I got there with one minute to spare and the remnants of my fake Elizabethan tooth decay still in evidence. I make him so proud...

This week ended splendidly with a visit to Strangers' Hall in Norwich for Queenie. Find more info on Stranger's Hall here: . There's a chance that the real Queenie came to Strangers' in 1578- she definitely passed through nearby Charing Cross- so with that in mind the afternoon had some added lustre.

Under the banner of 'Queenly Attire' I set up my costumes in the Undercroft and was plied with tea and helpfulness by Curator Cathy and her band of merry staff: Bethan, Neal, Maz and Rachel. An audience of 20 or so very charming folk attended, listened, took photos and asked questions. It was also a first outing for my unfinished Armada Costume, which served as a useful contrast to the Pelican Portrait dress (red one) when it came to details. The sumptuous fabrics looked great in that stony setting!

The afternoon was topped off by a photoshoot (!) for the local paper, the Eastern Daily Press, as they are doing a feature on Living History. Having my picture taken was terrible for me...ok, I'm lying, I loved every minute of it. However, I was at pains to make it clear that I am a Live Interpreter not a Re-enactor. But I'm not holding my breath for the caption.

Check out the EDP this week for the feature on Queenie!

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