Sunday, 27 June 2010

Will Her Majesty please take a bow? PLEASE?!!

I've been going through the marvellous book pictured here, and also Janet Arnold's 'Patterns of Fashion' and it's no good- I just can't find enough specifics on Elizabethan ribbon. The Armada gown is bedecked with bows on the sleeves, shoulder rolls and bodice, and down the edges of the kirtle and the hanging sleeves. That's a lot of bows and I haven't time to procrastinate any longer. And boy, have I been procrastinating. It's taken at least three visits to every available haberdashery in Norfolk, and an awful lot of online searching. Nothing produced anything like the portraits.

But then it was pointed out to me by an interested party* that all the reproductions I've seen of the Armada portrait show the same bows in ribbons of completely different shades of orange, pink, brown and peach, and if I looked at the real painting there's no way of telling how much fading has occurred.
So I decided that nobody can truly know, and I've just gone out and bought the darn stuff. I've bought ribbons in orange and peach and I'm covering them in gauze to add a bit of shimmer. Each bow will have a 'jewel' in the centre so Queenie will be ribbony-tastic at the end of it all. Pretty as a picture, in fact.

*Male, 50, extremely fed up with being pressed to give an opinion on the suitability or otherwise of some peachy orangy shiny stuff or other in which he has absolutely no interest but wishes merely to reach swift conclusion upon in order to return to watching Top Gear at the earliest possible moment.

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