Sunday, 6 June 2010

What a picture, what a photograph...?

So this darn dress is well on the way to completion. I have yet to make and line the hanging sleeves, but all other components are individually finished and ready to be attached to each other, hopefully in the right places. In contrast to my last costume I have actually measured things properly this time, but that offers absolutely no guarantee that they will fit, because 9 times out of a hundred my ability to muddle numbers up is legendary (yes, I did that one on purpose).

I've attached a picture. None of the individual parts of the dress are joined to each other properly yet, I just laid them out so it looks about right for the photo. And of course, apart from the sleeves and the forepart, it has no decoration on it, which will soon be rectified. It's great once I get to the handstitching stage because I can sit and watch TV while I sew on endless pearls, rather than my usual early stages confinement to the conservatory. The conservatory doubles as a sewing room because it has a good large table, and I can be sealed in there so that the dual rackets of my swearing every time I mutilate my fingers (or my costume), and the sewing machine motor noise don't compete with the volume of whatever's on telly.

Now, dear Reader, please don't look too closely at my needlework. Although my costumes are authentically constructed, remember I'm not a Re-enactor, I'm a Live Interpreter and I refer you to my previous statements on the difference between the two.

If you want quality needlework, have a Google at the amazing work of Caroline Blake()or Gini Newton()or of course, the incredible 'Tudor Tailors', Nina and Jane. Needlewoman I am not -and I'll have no jokes from Terry Pratchett readers about being a Seamstress either! But my work is designed to bring the character of Elizabeth I to life in order to provoke reactions and interactions and to present historical facts in an accessible way, and the costumes are my material tool for doing it.

Three cheers for photos of half-finished costumes by slightly over defensive Live Interpreters!! Hip hip...

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