Sunday, 20 June 2010

A Date with a Dragon, and a Dummy with a Tummy

I'm very excited for two reasons. The first is that I am delighted to have been given a booking to be Queenie at the gorgeous Dragon Hall in Norwich (see my bookings page for details)this summer.

My second reason to be cheerful is because my mum (the real one, not Anne Boleyn) has kindly given me a mannequin. It's a decorative brocade affair as opposed to a proper tailor's dummy so it will look lovely displaying whichever costume I'm not wearing. The idea is I'll compare and contrast the two dresses.

I can also use the mannequin for dressmaking purposes. Fortunately it's about the same size as me, which is excellent because it's not adjustable. Although if the truth be told I did have to wrap a scarf around the middle of it's hourglass form to replicate my slightly broader waistline. Ho hum- the Tudor ideal of a 14 inch waistline is clearly one of the reasons Queen Elizabeth never had children.

Yesterday it stood resplendent in my living room wearing the top half of the new costume (which now sports a collar and waist tabs). It caused havoc, because every time any of us walked into the room it made us jump or scream or both, thinking it was an intruder- we were nervous wrecks by the end of the day. It's now skulking in the darkest corner of the music room, naked. At least, I think its the mannequin...

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